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Hardwood Flooring is desired by every homeowner and has always been in trend because of its several advantages. Though some humanmade floorings are accessible in the market hardwood floor, have always been on the priority list of the consumers.

Discussing the positive aspects of Hardwood Floorings, we can consider the following points-

  • Long Lasting

One of the pros of a Hardwood Floor is that it is available in durable finishes and can be maintained easily for a time spanning hundreds of years. Thus, no other flooring stands in competition against Hardwood Flooring. It has proved itself worthy among all the contemporary styles of flooring.

  • Coziness and Warmth

The fact that increases the attraction for Hardwood Flooring is its coziness and warmth. The Hardwood Flooring is always pleasant to walk upon and move about. This is due to the presence of tiny air chambers in the wood that acts as excellent insulators.

  • Hypoallergenic

Hardwood Flooring gives no space to pollen, animal dander, mold, etc. to hide or thrive. It is the best option to keep your house clean and free from environmental allergies.

  • Easy Cleaning

Nice and glittering Hardwood Flooring only needs a little sweeping and mopping to retain its shine for a longer period. No hard efforts like spraying or scrubbing are required, as in the case of another kind of floorings.

  • Bigger Home Value

Your choice of flooring also affects the price of your property in the long term. Hardwood Flooring is a preferable option for adding value to your house.

Giving an in-depth look at the disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring, the following points can be highlighted-

  • Hardwood Flooring is noisier as compared to other floors
  • It needs to be maintained more frequently than other tiles available in the market
  • Hardwood Flooring is not at all suitable for bathroom or foyer areas that remain wet most of the time
  • Hardwood Flooring gets easily scratched and dented
  • Its huge expense makes it inaccessible for many
  • Hardwood Floor installation is time-consuming
  • At times it becomes slippery and is dangerous to walk upon with socks etc.
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